What to Consider When Buying Dental Supplies and Tools

When it comes to purchasing dental supplies and tools, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Consistency of use, delivery times, and the cost savings of buying in bulk are all important factors. Additionally, any potential cost savings must be weighed against the cost of carrying inventory. If the dental unit does not come with an air compressor, a separate unit will need to be purchased.

Dry, oil-free air is essential for dental procedures and is necessary for the proper application and retention of dental sealants. Most compressors used in dental offices have dryers to ensure that the air used for dental procedures is free of moisture and oil. The three most commonly used dental lamps in school dental sealant programs are halogen, fiber-optic, and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. When buying dental healing lamps, it's important to consider their characteristics, power density and energy supplied to the tooth and sealant material, time needed to polymerize the sealant, availability of accessories, shape and angle of the light tip, and energy source used to power the light. When starting or buying a dental office, buying dental equipment can be an exciting task. School dental sealant programs have a variety of sealant materials to choose from.

If photopolymerizing sealants are used, a dental healing lamp will need to be purchased. Hand-held devices are not necessary as the use of unfilled dental sealants and toothbrush prophylaxis are supported by current evidence-based recommendations. Bright dental lights are also important for school dental sealant programs as the lighting in the room may be poor. If there is enough space in the vehicle used to transport equipment, small, lightweight stools that aren't specifically designed for portable dental programs can be purchased from dental providers. Because school dental sealant program staff rarely face circumstances similar to those found in operating rooms and due to the high risk of instrument contamination, sudden sterilization is not recommended in school dental sealant programs.

If a school dental sealant program decides to use reusable instruments, only sterilizers manufactured for medical or dental instruments and supplies should be used to ensure proper sterilization.

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