What Supplies Are Used for Oral Surgery Procedures?

A clinical examination is essential before any oral surgical procedure is performed. Dentists use a dental mirror to provide indirect vision, redirect light towards the mouth, and retract the cheeks, lips, and tongue. Cotton tweezers are used to transfer materials into or out of the mouth, usually for grabbing cotton. Extraction tweezers are used to extract teeth, while a periodontal probe is used to measure the depth of the periodontal pocket in millimeter increments.

An ultrasonic scraper is used to remove tartar or calculus from teeth by producing vibrations that are audible to humans. Henry Schein Dental provides healthcare professionals with solutions for bone grafts, tooth extractions, and dental implants. They offer a wide selection of dental surgery and implant products manufactured by renowned companies in the dental industry, such as 3M and A. Dental professionals need to have a wide range of instruments to perform dental surgery.

Dentalcompare helps them keep up with the dental industry and discover the right products and technologies for their office. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons trust Henry Schein Dental to get the products and supplies they need for oral surgery procedures on patients' mouths, teeth, jaws, and faces. For more information on dental supplies, dental equipment, dental technology and more, call Henry Schein Dental toll-free at 1-800-372-4346 or contact a dental sales consultant at Henry Schein Dental.

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