What Supplies Are Used for Root Canal Treatments?

The Hedstroem file is a machined conical instrument with a spiral groove cut into the shank, creating a sharp blade. This tool should only be used with a filing action, as the angle of the blade makes it prone to fracture if a reaming action is used. It is particularly useful for removing guttapercha root fillings, which are the most commonly used material for filling the prepared root canal system. Guttapercha points are standardized and correspond to the ISO sizing system, with a narrowing of 2%.

Additionally, other shapes are available to complement larger cone filing systems. Guttapercha is composed of dried resin from the Taban tree, and exists in two forms: alpha and beta. The beta phase is normally used for root canal filling points, and contains around 20% guttapercha, 75% zinc oxide, and various resins, waxes and metal sulfates. Cold lateral compaction with guttapercha requires spacers with long handles or fingers.

These instruments have a long conical handle with a sharp tip, and are used to laterally compact the guttapercha against the walls of the root canal. The choice between long-handle spacers or finger spacers depends on personal preference; finger spacers require less force and reduce the risk of root fracture. Other tools used in root canal treatment include the System B heat source for controlled hot guttapercha techniques, and the Obtura 11 system for injecting heat-softened guttapercha into the root canal. Strawberries are also used to open affected teeth and provide an entrance to the canal.

Most of these instruments and materials can be purchased from dental supply companies. It is important to note that successful root canal filling requires collaboration between dentists, endodontists, dental radiologists and dental assistants. Dentalcompare helps dental professionals stay up-to-date with industry developments and find the right products and technologies for their office.

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