What Types of Dental Supplies are Used for Taking Impressions?

Taking accurate impressions of oral tissues is essential for the fabrication of partial fixed and removable dentures. Healthcare providers typically use alginate and elastomers for this purpose. In implant prosthodontics, addition-cured silicones and polyether are the most commonly used printing materials. When it comes to dental impressions, there are two main options: traditional dental putty or digital dental impressions.

Traditional dental impressions involve using a special putty, while digital dental impressions use a manual rod and computer software to capture the images. Dental impressions are used to create accurate negative reproductions of patients' teeth, surrounding tissues, and dental arches. These molds (positive reproductions) are then used to manufacture various dental prostheses. Today, dental implants are the most popular tooth replacement systems. Alginate is one of the most widely used printing materials in dental surgery due to its versatility.

It is also one of the most cost-effective materials available.

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