Where to Buy Dental Supplies and Tools for Dentists

Are you a dentist looking for the best place to purchase dental supplies and tools? Henry Schein is the largest dental supply company in North America, offering a wide selection of high-quality products at competitive prices. Patterson Dental is the best dental supply company overall, with a vast selection of products and services, including education and funding. Henry Schein is the go-to choice for larger group offices, while Benco Dental is a full-service distributor with five distribution centers in the US. Safco Dental Supply is an ideal choice for smaller offices.

Henry Schein is the leading resource for selling discounted oral surgery products, instruments, tools and equipment, including manual parts, milling cutters and forceps. The company operates through a centralized and automated distribution network to serve more than one million customers around the world. It offers more than 120,000 dental products with the possibility of ordering other products in a special way. Henry Schein also offers a variety of services to help offices with the business side of dentistry, such as continuing education webinars that focus on business topics, in addition to clinical areas and teams.

Patterson Dental offers more than 150,000 items, including products, equipment and digital solutions. It presents products from a long list of leading manufacturers, such as 3M, Dentsply Sirona and KaVo Kerr. The company also offers its own line of products. Patterson Dental provides everything you need to keep your dental office on the cutting edge of technology and operating efficiently.

You'll find products from the most trusted companies, including Planmeca, GC America, and DenMat. Benco Dental is a full-service dental distributor with five distribution centers in the US. It also has three showrooms so that dentists can try the products before making larger purchases. The company stocks more than 50,000 different products for general practitioners and various specialties.

It also offers technology services, a capital equipment division, equipment repair services and a full line of private label products. Through its 5% commitment, Benco guarantees that it will spend 15% less than the national average on dental supplies or reimburse you for the difference. Being able to easily order dental supplies from a large list of trusted brands is key to keeping your office running smoothly. Trust the needs of your dental office to a dental supply company that offers more than just supplies for dentists. Using a dental supply company can streamline your ordering process, help you manage costs, and keep service in your office at a higher level while offering high-quality products and procedures. Henry Schein is the largest dental supply company in North America and offers competitive prices on high-quality products.

Patterson Dental is our best choice overall because of its wide selection, funding options, and educational resources. However, if you're looking to offer a smaller office, Safco Dental Supply is an ideal choice. For larger offices, Henry Schein is your best option if you need supplies for a larger office.

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