What is the Most Common Sterilization Method Used in Dental Practices?

Steam sterilization is the most widely used form of heat sterilization in dentistry. After being completely dried, the tools are sterilized. The three methods for sterilizing dental tools include the use of an autoclave, dry ovens, or chemical steam sterilization. Of these, autoclaving is the most effective and thus the most commonly used in most dental offices. Autoclaves use steam as a sterilizing agent.

This steam eliminates all microbes and their spores, germs that would not be killed if they were exposed to boiling water and powerful detergents. The center has 14 dental stations and a sterilization room located in the center, where the times of the usual daily dental procedures have been measured. The practical cases of material management and dental staff were carried out at the Dental Clinic of the University of Foggia, in collaboration with the staff responsible for dental care. Most dental offices use steam to sterilize their tools and instruments by heating them beyond the boiling point in an autoclave. Dental offices must practice specific sterilization techniques to ensure that both patients and dental staff are as safe as possible every day.

A sterilization and disinfection cycle for dental instruments, with relative times and tasks for each member of the dental team (Finding). For a dental office, of course, prevention means much more than just washing your hands or dental instruments. In dental procedures, dental instruments come into contact with saliva, blood, and other biological fluids.

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